Find the right type of boy's bike

Bikes for Boys carries a huge range of boys bikes at all price points. There are hundreds but ehat can be categorised in the following groups which arfe bioys scooters, boys balance bikes, boys BMX bikes and boys mountain bikes. From toddler to teenager we have a boys bike for every occasion. Below we explain a little more about each type and hope that you find them useful when deciding what type of boys bike your looking to buy. Remember, bikes for boys is a comparison site and is the first place to look online when buying a boys bike.

Balance Bikes

Boys Balance bikes, why would anyone buy one of those pedal less machines we hear you say. The answer is quite simple. Boys starting out into the world of cycling absolutely love them. Within 30 minutes of being on a balance bike they are whizzing around as though they have been on a bike for years. The biggest problem with balance bikes and boys is trying to get them off!

Balance bikes are made from the same high standard bike materials as many of the larger boys pedal bikes. Many come with standard brakes and bike tyres that still require a cycle pump so are just like a real bike but with out the mechanical parts. The beauty of balance bikes is in the name as they develop the boys balance, teaches them how to steer the bike, slow down, how to navigate obstacles but most of all the experience the exhilaration of the free riding. Some manufactures make wooden balance bikes and they are just as robust and their metal framed pedal less cousins. They are built to take bumps and bangs, just like the boys riding them.

Many parents often miss the joys of balance bikes because of the investment needed and therefore delay until the boy has grown a little older and will be big enough for a pedal bike with stabilisers. Don’t delay is our advice. Balance Bikes allow your boy to learn how to ride safely, how to stop and control the bike without the hindrance of pedals. They are easy to mount and dismount in a safe and efficient manner. They are perfect for the garden and light weight and easy to throw in the back of the car on days out to grandma’s. We have balance bikes from a wide range of bike makers and to fit the budget of every household.

Balance bikes do make the transition to pedal bikes much quicker and faster. Once the boys ready to upgrade to pedal bikes, because the pedal free bike has installed the balance, skill and understanding of how a bike works the pedalling part becomes second nature. We found with our children that the time our youngest son, who had a balance bike, versus our older son who we woefully denied, needed to transition to a pedal bike what much shorter. In fact, we’d go as far to say that within a day or so your son or grandchild will be cycling unaided because of the experience taught by the boys balance bike. Balance bikes are tough, have adjustable seats, many have brakes with proper brake levers, regular tyres that have inner tubes, are built for bumps and knocks and can be mounted and diss-mounted very easily.

Balance bikes for boys are a great birthday or Christmas gift and all though they may only use them for a short time, trust us when we say they’ll get many years worth of joy riding on these fantastic balance bikes.

BMX Bikes

We all remember the famous scene in ET where Elliot zooms past the moon with ET in basket and the law in hot pursuit. Jumps, wheelies, skids and stunts galore. That was it, I was hooked. These tuff single geared BMX bikes are still all the rage now and just as much fun although the alien is optional these days! Here at Bikes for boys we have a wide spectrum of boys BMX bikes from entry level to top of the range machines. The important part is that all these bmx bikes are provided by major retail partners and that they have all been tested and checked before they are shipped to you. We’ve just made researching and buying Boys BMX Bikes a whole lot easier as we have live data feeds from these sites we have made sure we can offer BMX bikes with the latest offers and up to the minute pricing.

So why have BMX bikes been a boys favourite for all these years? Quite simple, Boys on BMX Bikes go anywhere, can take a crash and a bang when needed, they are great to ride and easy to maintain. And most importantly, for any young ‘Elliot’ on your block they look great. The relativity low riding position makes them incredibly stable and the low central bar means that mounting, and more importantly dismounting is easy and quick. The wide handle bar gives that little bit more control and overall effect is a highly manoverable and zippy BMX bike. Mag wheels or regular spokes, fat chunky tyres, hard pulling brakes and toughened components make these machines that survive the most ambitious BMX stunt rider in your life..

BMX bikes aren’t for long distance riding, let’s be clear about that but bombing around the local park or cruising around to a neighbourhood friends house is just the ticket to ride, literally. BMX bikes are what you ride when you try your first wheelie or get to grips with the all powerful skid. Bunny hops and other tricks are the next step and boys will spend hours on their BMX bikes trying to master the latest skill. BMX tracks and still scattered about and BMX racing is still a huge past time. These top end BMX machines are supplied by BMX manufacturers like Mongoose BMX and  XXXXX and if you do take your racing seriously then we have the BMX for you. Most boys BMX bikes are perfectly suitable for the track to get you started and to experience your first burn or tabletop jump!!  There are regular BMX Bikes, track bikes, ramp and trick BMX bikes so take your time to find the BMX that’s suited to your needs and at a price that you’ll love.

Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bikes and boys were made for one another. Take a BMX, a racing bike and blend them together and hey presto...the mountain bike was born. These tough off roaders have come a long way these days and the technological developments are truly staggering. Suspension, 28 gears, hydraulic brakes and brakes discs...it sounds more like a motor bike. Boys mountain bikes are truly astonishing and now come in a few varieties we’ll try to explain here for you.

Boys Hardtail mountain bikes – these are boys mountain bikes with suspension front forks but none at the back. These are perfect when you mix your cycling on road and along trails. The front suspension helps you navigate those bumps and rocks with ease without getting shaken to bits. Hardtail boys mountain bikes let you zip around the urban jungle with ease, dropping off kerbs and zipping over the biggest of pot holes. Off road they easily dealing with the dirt and mud trails tracks in its stride make sure your pedal power is maximised when you need it.

Boys Full suspension mountain bikes - These boys mountain bikes not only have suspension on the front forks but also at the back of the frame. These engineering feats are true off road machines and can deal with the hardest of tracks that any boy mountain biker can throw at them. More experienced mountain bikers will fully appreciate the added protection that the boys full suspension mountain bike will provide and these machines soak up the impact of some big air jumps.

Boys Classic mountain bike – with no suspension these boys bikes are closer to their racing frame cousins. The rigid frames are ideal for the urban ride and great for zipping to school and back. The rigid frame means that every pedals energy is directed to movement where as the suspension can absorb this effort making it less efficient. These boys mountain bikes will also manage any off road trail but you’ll feel the bumps and bolts a little more than the suspension models.

Boys mountain bikes are made by a wide range of suppliers like famous brands such as Specialised and Trek. They also come with a wide range of gear and different weights. Getting started can soon add up so think about the type of riding that you are doing and get the mountain bike that suits your needs. Full suspension is a waste if your urban riding and will make the school ride a hard slog. A hard tail is the best of both worlds and more than capable with the bike ride to school or the thrashing of a day out off road on the tracks.

Boys Scooters

Boys Scooters. Okay, they may not technically be a boys bike but anything with two wheels, and possibly three, has to be included. Also anything this much fun and that can bring so much joy to a boy has got to be a welcome addition to our web site bikes for boys. Scooters are the small wheeled relation to the bike but they also help develop balance and coordination that is a precursor to successful bike riding. Scooters are great fun, highly mobile and best of all, easy to carry for parents often coming with carry straps.

Boys scooters are now a permanent fixture on the school run and a great way to get those little ones to get some exercise on the school run. The wheels are often oversized skateboard wheels and the light weight frames are strong and sturdy. Just like boys balance bikes, which is the next step up on the path to cycling, the boys scooter is truly great fun and you can now get adult ones to join in! They often come with spare parts and are easily maintained. Often a concern with scooters is that they are unstable but the larger wheels and rubber tyres are more than adequate for the bumps of pavements. They not really suitable for off road but some of the larger wheeled scooters will be fine on short grass and a great fun zipping back and forth in the garden

The most famous of the scooter brands is the Maxi scooter but most of the companies that we work with carry a wide range of scooters. There are even scooters for the elder boy in your family that have small electric motors  on the back of them and come with breakes that you’d find on regular cycles.